Board of Directors
The Board of Directors provides the strategic direction for the PSA mission and programs and as a subsidiary of NDIA, operates within the provisions of NDIA Articles of Incorporations and By-Laws. The Chairman of the PSA Board is also a member of the NDIA Board of Directors and has all attendant responsibilities of an NDIA corporate board director, to include the fiduciary responsibility. As an affiliate, PSA elects its own Directors (who operate as advisory trustees) and establishes its own programs and organization. Directors are elected from corporate organizations or individual members.

Major responsibilities; amount of time & activities
While each board position has specific requirements as noted in the position descriptions, they all share the following:

  1. Quarterly board meetings: Meetings are held at the NDIA headquarters with an option to participate by conference call. Typically one-two hours, but will vary according to the agenda. Board members must be able to attend at least two (of four) Board meetings. Committee Chairs are expected to be prepared to report on their activities since the last board meeting.

  2. Events: PSA's conferences are typically held in the Washington area. Board members are expected to attend and pay their own registration.

  3. Committees: PSA has Program, Communication and Membership standing committees, as well as a number of ad hoc committees. Board members are expected to actively participate in the standing or ad hoc Board committees.

  4. From time to time, issues arise, and board members communicate by telephone or e-mail. Sometimes the board needs to vote on something before the next official meeting.

  5. Board members might be called on to represent PSA at other NDIA events or events held by other organizations.

Membership of the Board will consist of Precision Strike Association members who are recognized leaders of the Precision Strike community with representation from industry, academia, research institutions and other professional trade associations.

Criteria for Directors
Given the precision strike industries' expanding scope of programs and Government influence, a number of qualifications are particularly important in the elections. These are criteria to be used in soliciting and evaluating candidates.

The well-qualified candidate:
Brings substantive knowledge and experience from the precision strike industry to help the PSA design and implement programs relevant to that sector. This is particularly relevant in terms of carrying out the Association's mission/goals and new membership outreach.

  • Contributes to the Board's diversity in professions, skills and overall perspective.

  • Brings leadership expertise to contribute to the Association’s governance.

  • Brings the ability and willingness to influence key players and sectors in the industry to participate with PSA in their mission to act as a liaison between the academia, industry, Government, and military.


Chairman: Kenneth Masson
Vice-Chairman: Marc Tang
Secretary: Mark Converse
Chair for Programs: Ginny Sniegon
Chair for Membership: Kurt Chankaya
Chair for Communications: John Sordyl
Event Planning: Dave Rice, Jeff Braun



PSA Operations Management Associate
Director: Kimberly Williams
Membership: Zoila Martinez Vice President
Program Development: CAPT Frank Michael, USN (Ret)
Editor: Ramon Lopez 



Michael Bawden, Sandia National Laboratories
Dana Beyeler, Ellwood National Forge
Peter Bloom, Raytheon
Jeffrey Braun, Sandia National Laboratories
LTC Ken Britt, USA (Ret), Army G-8 contract support
Chris Brunner, P&W
Kurt Chankaya, Lockheed Martin
Mark Converse, Cypress International
Harvey Dahljelm
Bill Dalecky, Pratt & Whitney (Emeritus)
Brig Gen Andy Dichter, USAF (Ret), SPA
CAPT Jaime Engdahl, USN (Ret)
Andy Erickson, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Kevin Fesler, Aerojet Rocketdyne
CAPT Christopher Flood, USN (Ret.), BAE Systems
Ken Gele, Lockheed Martin
Joe Glebocki, Aerojet Rocketdyne
MG Paul Greenberg, USA (Ret)
Jeff Haupt, The Boeing Company
Byron Jenkins, Lockheed Martin MFC
Suzy Kennedy, JHU/APL (Emeritus)
Maureen Koerwer, Harris Corp.
RADM Walter M. Locke,
USN (Ret) (Emeritus)
David Lyon, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Ken Masson, NGC Innovation Systems
Barry Maxwell, Kaman Precision Products
Andy McHugh,Tekla Research (Emeritus)
Bryan Mendiola, Excelis
Col John Meyer, USAF (Ret.), Synergy
Mark Mishler, L-3 Fuzing & Ordnance Systems
Thomas Murphy, Raytheon
Kerry Neace, JHU-APL
Phil Pardue, JHU-APL
John Polcha, Leidos
Justin Rerko, MBDA
COL Dave Rice, USA (Ret), American Defense
Earle Rudolph, MBDA
Dick Rumpf, Rumpf Associates Int'l (Emeritus)
Wayne Savage, Raytheon (Emeritus)
Andrew Schwarz, RIX Industries
Ginny Sniegon, IDA
John Sordyl, Williams International
Dale Spencer
Mike Strano, Honeywell
Marc Tang, Northrop Grumman
David Uzzell, Boeing
Santiago Vaca, S Vaca & Associates
Dr. John Walter, JHU/APL


T. Gordon Brown, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Buck Buchanan, PEO(W)
Val Frunza, NAVAIR
Maj Dan “Otis” Harper, USAF
LtCol Chuck Kelly, USMC (Ret), OSD (AT&L)
Stephen Klein, Air Force Institute of Technology
LTC Frank Leija, USA
LTC Jeffrey Munn, USA
CDR Eric Taylor, USN
Maj Ryan Thompson, USMC
Col Mark “Smash” Van Brunt, USAF
Maj Ryan Welborn, USMC

Digest Editor: Ramon Lopez

PSA Events Photographer: Dale Spencer